Good morning boys and girls. How was your weekend? Good. Great. Mine was fantastic. Thank you for asking. It's Monday, January 16th, Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Some of you have the day off either school or work and I hope your spending the day doing something taking the Christmas decorations down.

It's also what is known as "Blue Monday." It's the most depressing day of the year according to a British psychologist, Dr. Cliff Arnall (wasn't he the mailman on 'Cheers?')It factors in things like the weather (the rain and ice pry won't help). . . failing on our New Year's resolutions...  And the amount of time until we go on vacation again. It's coincidence that Blue Monday happens to fall on Martin Luther King Day, I mean the researcher IS British.

Dr. King stated in this famous "I Have A Dream" speech that "all men were created equal." We are all one. Take a moment today to do something nice for someone, be it just a smile and saying hello to buying a coffee or lunch for someone and show someone who may be depressed you care and your their friend and turn a negative in to what is supposed to be a positive day.

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