It's feel-good Friday, and this story is probably the sweetest. Literally. Have you crossed paths with the candy man?

Bob Williams is 93 years old and lives just 20 minutes from Davenport, in Long Grove, IA. Every Saturday, he visits the Dollar General by his house – on Saturdays, they offer $5 off of $25 purchases. He uses his coupon to buy Hershey Bars by the boxful to share with friends and strangers.

Out of each box, two bars are given to store employees and one is for the customer in line behind him. Over the past 10 years (seriously, he's been doing this for a DECADE!) Williams has bought and given out roughly 6,000 candy bars, and so everyone calls him the Candy Man!


I want to meet this man with all of my heart. Sometimes a small act of kindness like this can go a long way. Bob, if you're reading this, please consider this an open invite to come hang out with me one afternoon, any time!

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