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The upset win over Michigan last weekend got crazy.

Whether you were there screaming in person or watched on TV (and was screaming that way), Iowa gave us that football rush we love.


In all the cheers and excitement, Iowa Hawkeyes Quarterback, C.J. Beathard, (brother to country artist, Tucker Beathard), "threw his helmet shortly after kicker Keith Duncan hit the 33-yard field goal to give Iowa the 14-13 victory. Students rushed the field after the great win." according to

Beathard wasn't the only one. Several other players' helmets were taken during the uproar. He did end up getting his helmet back after a police officer spotted a fan wearing it while walking down the street.

Police also had their handful that night with six arrests. One arrest in particular stood out, in that, a drunken woman thought she was at an ISU game against Arizona.