This is one of the worst stories we've heard about in a long time. A Des Moines man is wanted for killing a puppy after getting into an argument with its owner on July 6.

According to Fox 6, 25 year old Christopher David Vogel started fighting with acquaintance Larry Gray at Gray's residence over Vogel using the Wi-Fi. Things apparently got heated, and Vogel ended up snapping the neck of Gray's corgi. The dog, which was just twelve weeks old, died while being transported to the Animal Rescue League.


Vogel has so far eluded police. The Des Moines Police Department and Crime Stoppers are now asking for leads regarding Vogel's whereabouts.

It might be a long shot, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that Vogel could end up in or around the Quad Cities. We also know that many of our listeners travel for work, or live in areas outside of the QCA. There's always a chance that someone could spot him. Anyone with info can contact Crimestoppers at 515-223-1400. Let's hope this guy is caught ASAP.


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