Have you ever noticed a mark on your car but don't remember how it happened?  It has definitely happened to me. Do you ever assume it happened while your car was parked while you weren't looking? Seems like that would make the most sense, right? Well that scenario is completely possible. I am thinking about getting cameras to monitor my car when I'm not around.  Especially when I'm in the grocery store because i spend hours in there some times. More often than not someone will hit your car, get away and get away with it.

Not this time!

This guy caught this whole hit and run scenario on facebook live! He caught her license plate and everything! Now, the cops are searching for this woman. She should be pretty easy to find. Kudos to this an for having the presence of mind to record this.

Watch as he catches this woman "crunching" this car on facebook live!
Warning! There is graphic language!


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