Almost everyone I know has dated online. But there's a good reason many won't and this is probably why.

I've written about it before. Online dating. It's not my cup of tea. But, it is and has been, for many I know. I've vicariously lived through my friends and their online disasters, whether it was like that at first or not, doesn't matter. What it ended up being and how quickly it all went down the drain, was enough for me to say 'thanks, but no thanks' to a viva-la-valentine online-er.

Safety is a huge concern. Let's face it. When me meet people in person, especially in the dating scene, it's rare to find authentic and genuine. Everyone's on their 'best behavior' by nature and online, it's easier to hide. I've seen it in action personally with an ex. He had girlfriends in other countries online and was even making plans with them to move there, all while acting like he was cheating on me (even though my gut instinct told me otherwise. See how that works? Believe people when they show you who they are the first time.). Ugh. I don't miss those days, ever.

Sadly, neither Iowa nor Illinois made it on the Top 10 list for the safest places to date online. But Iowa did rate better than Illinois in safety. As far as other states go, well, don't ever date anyone from the D.C. area. It's the absolute worst.


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