I am such a foodie that I will try most anything once. However, I am not a trend follower so I really haven't followed all of these food trends to get healthier (plus I don't like healthy foods). What about you though? How many of these trends have you participated in?

OnePoll recently conducted a study that examined the eating habits of 2,000 Americans to find what food trends we follow and what and if the "desired beauty" effects really occur.

Here were the results:

  • three in five Americans started consuming certain food fads for a beauty transformation.
  • Apple cider vinegar tonics was #1 on the list of trends Americans have tested, followed by oat milk-73 percent, veganism- 69 percent and orange wine -66 percent
  • After trying all these health food trends to see a difference, only two in five Americans reported being pleased with results.
  • A quarter of Americans have tried a health food trend just to say they tried it
  • And most people who do try all these trends really only enjoy 36 percent of what they try

With those low numbers, is it really worth the trend to try it? I think not.