Ever since the start of the pandemic the Quad Cities, and the world, have been awaiting the development and approval of COVID-19 vaccines.  The start of our return to "normality". There has been recent news of two vaccines (by Pfizer and Moderna) that the FDA could approve this year. However, current predictions expect 3.7% of the American population to receive the vaccine in 2020.

So the question is how much would somebody pay to jump the line and get vaccinated first?

MyBioSource.com, a biotechnological products distribution company, carried out a survey of 4,428 (ages 18+) to find out how much each person, hypothetically, would be prepared to pay to get vaccinated ahead of others. The poll revealed the average Iowan would sacrifice $357 of their savings to get first in line.  While the average Illinoisan would give up $743 to cut in line.  Minnesota was close to Iowa at $355 while Wisconsin has some more money to spend with the average being $577.

The national average of the survey was $460 with Oklahomans prepared to spend the most at $936.  Compared to South Dakotans, who would pay $279 to get vaccinated first.

Check out the interactive map below, and get more details on the survey and these results here.


During these unprecedented times, it is important to stay up-to-date with new medical information that is emerging on a regular basis,’ says Dr. Lisa Heiden, a spokesperson for MyBioSource.com. ‘To reduce the risk of transmission, wear a mask when going out in public and be sure to socially distance."

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