One of the most annoying things about driving after it snows is the left over ice, salt, sand, and snow that gets kicked up by large vehicles and thrown on to your windshield. Many Midwesterners refer to this as "sludge."

Only a few seconds behind a semi on any interstate or highway will lead to your car visibility dropping rapidly. I have a quick drive on I-380 and my car looks like this after every drive.


While it's not the worst thing ever, it is a frustrating thing to have to deal with when temperatures are low. All we want is to be able to see where we're going. There are a few tricks you can use to try and counter it which can be found here.

However, those may not always work however. The most important thing to remember is to clean off the snow around your  windshield fluid dispensers.


This might sound a bit obvious, but with all the snow and subzero temps we often end up doing the bare minimum snow removal from our cars, and usually has us forgetting about our dispensers.

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If you run out of fluid you can usually find cleaner at a gas station by the pumps for free (as long as it isn't frozen.) It also may be a good idea to keep some extra in your car if you drive on an interstate or highway regularly.

The Quad Cities has been getting hammered with snow this year. Make sure you stay safe out there Quad Cities. Spring is just around the corner!

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