Heads up Seekers, you can catch the Golden Snitch in Coralville this weekend.

Hurt's Donut has crafted the treat specially for Harry Potter fans. Take a look:

Though the company doesn't specifically say what these are made of, they appear to be a donut hole on top of a full size donut with wings of fondant. At least, that's my best guess. According to their Facebook page they just added a fresh batch to the case this morning!

Of course, it seems a long way to travel for casual donut fans right? Well, the good news there is that they are coming to the Quad Cities! The new location doesn't have an exact opening date yet, but we know it'll be in Bettendorf.

And yes, they'll have the snitches too. The Quad Cities location posted the same picture to their own Facebook page this week, teasing that they are coming soon!

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