Ice Cube has thoughts on the Moline show and his tour with Snoop Dogg.

The 4/21 show at the TaxSlayer Center was huge and featured not only Snoop and Ice Cube but also Warren G. In an interview with 935 KDAY, he talked about the Moline crowd being young, despite his decades-long career as a rapper. Watch the clip below (and the rest of the interview):

Ice Cube says in part:

They was, you know, hype. The whole town was excited. You know, me and Snoop on the show together. I don't care what town you're in, you should get excited 'cause it's definitely a great show. You get your money's worth, you get a chance to rock...

I mean, I think the whole area was excited. Way to bring the energy, QCA! He's right, any show with him and Snoop is sure to be a solid one.

The interviewer poses a fair question. It's not often an older performer can maintain a younger crowd. But these two clearly can. Snoop Dogg is 50, Ice Cube is 52 years old (if you feel old right now, that makes two of us), and yet they can both still pull in a young crowd. Ice Cube has been active in the music industry since 1986, according to his Wikipedia page.

Congrats to all of B100's winners who went to the Snoop/Ice Cube/Warren G concert on 4/21! If you're super bummed you didn't win, stay in the know going forward. For the latest on contests, download the B100 app.

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