It's been a pretty dry summer so far and you've probably saved money on gas and lawn bags by not mowing your yard so much. We saw a little bit of rain on Father's Day which was much needed to bring our yards back to life.

But as you continue to cut your grass throughout the summer in Illinois and in the Quad Cities, you need to remember there is a wrong way to cut your grass. This wrong way puts grass clippings in a spot that is dangerous for others and could get you in trouble.


If you blow your grass clippings onto the roads and streets of Illinois, you could be subject to a fine. Plus, you're creating dangerous roads for everyone, especially motorcyclists and bicyclists.

It's Illegal To Blow Grass Clippings On Roads In Illinois

As a dad and mower of lawns, I know you want to keep your yard as beautiful as possible. That's why I bag my grass for the most part for the city to dispose of it. But if you don't have a bag on your lawn mower and simply let the grass clippings sit on your lawn, that's cool too.

The only place they can get blown onto and left is the road because that's illegal.

attachment-Illinois Grass Clippings In Street

Blowing grass clippings on the road and streets in Illinois is in violation of the Illinois Litter Control Act. This act makes it illegal everywhere in Illinois to blow grass clippings on the road in the state.

Being caught blowing grass clippings on the road in Illinois could land you at least a $50 fine, but some cities and police departments could fine you even more.

Why It's Bad To Blow Grass Clippings In The Streets

There are a few reasons why laws are in place for people to not blow grass clippings in the street. I know we're talking about Illinois here, but the Davenport Public Works Department put up a social media post in May giving us the exact reasons why.

Blow grass clippings in the streets can:

  • Clog sewer drains
  • Grass can enter waterways causing water pollution
  • Make your neighborhood look terrible
  • Wet grass makes roads slick for motorcyclists and bicyclists

How To Prevent Grass Clippings From Getting In The Road

There are a few options to prevent grass from getting in the roadways and save you from getting in trouble. Those options include:

  • Bag grass clippings
  • Position the mower to blow clippings onto your property
  • Sweep/blow grass clippings that make it to the street back onto your property
  • Pick up and properly dispose of grass clippings
attachment-Illinois Grass Clippings In Street (1)

After you're done mowing, take your leaf blower and walk along the curb to blow the grass clippings you may have accidentally blown on the road back into your yard.

Be a good neighbor and great mower this summer by following these tips.

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