Some Illinois schools might have to change their mascots.

A bill proposed in Illinois would require K-12 schools in Illinois to change their mascots if they have a Native American mascot.

That includes schools in Annawan (the Braves), East Dubuque (the Warriors) and according to USA Today, over 50 schools in Illinois have Native American mascots as of 2021.

Annawan’s library director, Michele Thurston, told our friends at KWQC:

It just covers the community and they just love the that emblem. I think being called a Brave is a good thing. If he was a warrior I think that’s a good thing. It’s not an actual Indian name. There’s no weapons on his insignia.

The bill would set a deadline for schools to change their mascots by Sept. 1st, 2027.

We Are East Dubuque Facebook
We Are East Dubuque Facebook

Most recently, the bill has been re-referred to the Rules Committee in the Illinois House.

Meanwhile, the bill's co-sponsor, Rep. Laura Faver Dias, said:

I'm a former public school teacher and I taught in a school that had and still has a racist mascot today. It was an offensive mascot and a caricature of an American Indian. I saw firsthand the divisiveness that it created among our students and within our larger school community.


Illinois Schools Aren't The Only Ones

In 2020, over 1,200 school districts in America continue to use Native American-themed mascots and logos. My own alma mater did for years until we changed it to a single letter.

Last year the state of New York banned school districts from using Native American mascots. Washington state requires schools to get permission from the nearest federally recognized tribe.

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