We know there are restrictions on what we put in our carry-ons but what about in our checked luggage?

We've broken the bank, bought our flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas travels, and in just a few days, it's a matter of packing up our stuff.

Holiday travel can be an actual nightmare. Flights get delayed, we end up overnight at the airport, people lose their minds and their meltdowns go viral on TikTok. Nothing says 'comfort and joy' quite like it.

We're not far from our travels so it's important to go ahead and check through what you can and can't take, what has to go in your carry-on vs. your checked luggage. Especially if you have kiddos you'll be traveling with. You don't need another travel headache on top of it because you packed something suspicious in your checked bag.


As always, get to the airport early (experts recommend 2 hours if you're doing self-park at the airport) because that security line could be a beast. Last time I flew out of Atlanta, I think I lived two lifetimes before I finally got through it and that was even with TSA PreCheck.

We know airlines and the TSA are super particular about what you can put in your carry-ons (don't you dare go over that liquid limit) but there are also several restrictions on what goes in your checked bag.

TSA's "What Can I Bring" website breaks it down. Good news: according to TSA, you can still put 'Harry Potter wands' and 'Light Sabers' in your checked luggage.

If you're wondering if you can fly with a certain thing, or what bag to put it in, check TSA's list. A lot of things have "special instructions". They're allowed, but with some additional work. And some things you need to notify the airline ahead of time.

Scroll to see 19 things you cannot pack in your checked bag this holiday season!

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