Local firefighters have a simple request for you.

The thick snowbanks are still very much a thing in our yards, driveways, sidewalks, and roads. We're still getting a few workouts in with the snowblowers and some firefighters in the Quad Cities are asking that you please go over one particular spot with the snowblower or shovel to keep it clear.

In Illinois, it's on you to blow and shovel the snow off of your property. The cities won't do it for you and you'll be held liable for any damages the snow build-up causes if you don't.

Obviously, we've pretty much taken care of our driveways so we can come and go, but you may have gotten lazy with one area that you definitely should not have.

Specifically, One Area Should Be Kept Clear

Firefighters in Rock Island need you to keep one area shoveled or snowblown. If there's a fire hydrant in front of your yard, keep it and 3 feet around it free of snow.

It makes sense. What are you going to do if there's an electrical fire in your house or your neighbor's house? It could take the firefighters additional time to get to the water in the fire hydrant if it and the area around it is caked in snow. That time is valuable, as a fire can spread through a house in just a matter of minutes.

Could you be held liable for damages if that's the case and the hydrant is in front of your house? I could see it happening.

If you live in front of a fire hydrant, take an extra 5 minutes and get the snow off of the fire hydrant and about 3 feet around it. If nothing else, for your own peace of mind.

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