Illinois is back at it with some weird laws and this one is definitely on that list.

How many of us routinely carry cash these days? It seems like it's not very many of us, especially with apps like Venmo and CashApp to pay our friends back for the iced coffees.

This trend is reflected in businesses, with some becoming cash-only and others not accepting it at all. Vibrant Arena at The Mark has cashless concessions. Really, it's just easier to tap a card on an iPad than it is to fish cash out of your wallet.


Illinois has it's own approach to how you should carry legal tender. It's odd but I wonder how often some of these weird state laws are actually enforced. I can't find statistics on that for this one but it's food for thought.

Here's How You Can Be Arrested In Illinois

If you choose not to carry cash on you, technically you can get in trouble in Illinois. Illinois has a law that says you have to have "at least one dollar physically present" or you could be arrested for vagrancy.

The law is still active, according to a Chicago law firm.

So my question is this: how could you end up being arrested for not having a buck? Is it because someone is just acting super suspicious? What if I have like 4 quarters in my car? Better yet, has anyone actually been arrested for vagrancy because of this??

Illinois is no stranger to weird laws either. There's also a loophole that allows minors under 21 to drink. 

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