We're coming back into road trip season and you have to be careful when you're out and about.

We love when a stranger does something nice for us. Like when someone in front of us in the coffee line pays for our order or when someone lets us cut in front of them in traffic. It warms my cold, dead heart for a second and makes me want to do something nice too.


However, as you're traveling this summer, there's one scam you need to watch for at gas stations, grocery stores, and wherever you may stop, that is most definitely not an act of charity.

Watch Your Windshield

This warning is making its rounds on social media. If you see money on your windshield (the most recent Facebook post I've seen about it was a $5 bill, but it could also be a $100 bill), you need to snap into high alert mode.

As MotorBiscuit reports, car thieves will use this tactic. Their hope is that you will get into your car, start it, then notice the money on the windshield, get out and get it, and once you're out of the running car, the thief will jump in and zoom off with it.

This viral post about it was even shared all the way back in my hometown in Arkansas, though the alleged incident was in Dubuque.

The post alleges that there could be many sinister motives behind someone putting the money on the windshield but the main reason I found upon research is that it's mainly a car thief tactic. If you see money on your windshield, there's a good chance that it is counterfeit and/or bait for a slimeball who is watching your car.

Call police or security over to your car immediately to help you safely leave the property.

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