If you're wary of things like black cats, there's a reason you shouldn't get hitched this year.

We're gearing up for wedding season and whether or not you're shelling out the money for that, you need to be aware of some reasons this year might be more different or even unluckier than others.

2024 is a leap year and because of that, it has some weird things tied to it, particularly when it comes to marriage.

Getting Married In 2024?


According to Huffington Post, Greek and Ukrainian cultures believe that getting married during a leap year will lead to either divorce or a spouse's death.

The reason comes from why leap years even exist. Back in the day, Julius Caesar came up with leap years to match the calendar to the seasons. This became part of the Gregorian calendar that we use today in 1582. The Greek and Roman folks really weren't sure how to feel about the revised calendar and it got some superstitions added to it.

Neni Panourgia, an associate professor at Columbia University, said:

Both had superstitions regarding starting anything new on a leap year. It was not only getting married, but baptizing a child, entering into any sort of contractual relationship, buying or selling, starting a journey or even a new job

In Ukraine, the bad luck for matrimony in a leap year goes to a saint named Cassian, who got one saint's day every 4 years, unlike Saint Nicholas, who got 2 every year.

But in Ireland, the rumor is that a woman can propose to a man in a leap year.

So if you're feeling Irish and gutsy, maybe this is the year you drop to a knee.

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