Are you feeling really lottery-lucky?

It's not been uncommon around the Quad Cities to see folks win some serious cash off of scratch-off tickets. We've seen people win $300,000, or $50,000, or the time two guys won $130,000. In Illinois, someone even played the state's online lottery and won $500,000.

But now, Illinois is rolling out a scratch-off game that's one of the biggest prizes I've seen in a scratch-off in awhile.

Meet The "$10 Million Instant Ticket"

Illinois Lottery has announced a new game that's now available called "$10 Million Instant Ticket". The game has your best chance out of all scratch-off games available in Illinois to win $500.

The game has over $330 million in total cash prizes, starting from $100 up to $10 million. The new game has three $10 million top prizes and 15 prizes of $1 million.

Sounds pretty good, right? As you could probably guess, it's a ticket on the pricier side.

A scratch-off of this new game will cost you $50 but apparently those tickets are what a lot of folks are buying. Harold Mays, Director of the Illinois Lottery, said in the release:

$50 scratch-offs have proven to be extremely popular across the country due to the bigger prizes they offer. Our new ticket gives players a chance to win a top prize of $10 million, and we are excited to see how our players will respond.

To celebrate the launch of the new game, Illinois Lottery is hosting a "Spin The Wheel" challenge at Navy Pier on December 7th.

If you want to try your hand at the new game, you can get the new scratch-off at any of the lottery's 7,000 participating retail places across Illinois.

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