Police officers serve and protect our communities. From big cities like Chicago to smaller ones like Moline, police officers are essential across Illinois and the U.S. Unfortunately, not every state is a great place for people to become police officers and serve their communities.

Chicago Police

A new study shows that Illinois is a great place to be a police officer. Yes, crime is everywhere, but just like you look for in your job, people becoming police officers also look for beneficial reasons to become an officer in a state. The benefits and opportunities need to be good, training is super important, and really bad crime areas can be a deterrent for someone who is putting their life on the line every day for their city. If I were becoming a police officer, I wouldn't want to be working in an extremely dangerous area that is out of control.

Awesome Police Officers Are Found In Illinois

In Illinois, you might be noticing that some of the best police officers in America work in the Land of Lincoln. That's because Illinois is one of the best states for police officers. Yes, being a police officer in Chicago can be difficult but they are highly trained officers that know what to be on the lookout for and how to deal with more dangerous situations.

If becoming a police officer is a goal or dream of yours, consider becoming a police officer in an Illinois community. Why? Because Illinois was named the second-best state for police officers!

East Moline Police Department via Facebook
East Moline Police Department via Facebook

Illinois was put at number 2 by WalletHub. Illinois is a great place for police officers because of opportunities, training, and job hazards.

Police officers in Illinois also have the highest median income compared to officers across the U.S. Glad to see police officers getting paid what they need to serve and protect!

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