A building is on the market that may look unassuming on the outside but it's definitely not that way on the inside.

The "Baum Family Center" in Peoria Heights is a unique listing that's going viral for several reasons.

It's a 7,000 square foot building, with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a lot of...space choices.

It was meant to be a "social gathering" place, according to the description on the listing, and that's evident in that every single room is different. It's meant to host everything from local sports practices to charity events, and also you can sleep and live here? So it's meant to be a community social space but someone can live there too, which is definitely a unique combo.

It has 2 full kitchens (one is retro Coca-Cola themed, the other looks like a pub), a theatre, a full basketball court, putting green, gym, arcade, office, a huge master walk-in closet, and more. It has a new parking pad that was just installed in front. It looks like a warehouse outside, but every single space in the building is unique.

Here's the TikTok that's made it go viral.


@hellomynamesjon Its like 7 different universes in one space. #zillow #realestate #realestatelife #interiordesign #interiordesigner #architecture ♬ original sound - Jonathan Carson

The building was built in 1975 and can be yours for $1,350,000. It is in the heart of the Peoria Heights business district and has long been used to host fundraisers, practices, and community events.

Scroll down to see why 4313 N. Voss Street is so different!

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