School is back in session and many kids in Illinois and Iowa are using their learner's permit to drive to school on their own. If you're a parent of a teen that's starting to drive, it's freaking you out.


If you live on the Illinois side of our community, you surprisingly can rest a little easier at night knowing Illinois is a great state for teen drivers. I say surprisingly because adults in Illinois can't drive to save their lives.

Illinois Is A Great State For Teen Drivers

Teen drivers can make adult drivers a little nervous. But you would think adults would have more patience when they see a teen that just starting out navigating the ways of the road.

Illinois Best States For Teen Drivers

As we all know, motorists have become more rude and full of anger. For you parents with teens starting to drive in Illinois, a new study from WalletHub proves that Illinois is a great state for your teenager to drive in.

They found that Illinois is the 7th best state for teenage drivers.

Why Is Illinois A Great Place For Teens To Drive?

WalletHub determined that driving laws that help keep people safe and the safety of the roadways in Illinois were really good.

Illinois Best States For Teen Drivers

Illinois ranks in the top 10 for safety and 7th in driving laws.

Here's another great fact. Illinois has the least amount of teen DUIs per teen population than any other state. Illinois teenagers are making really great choices.

Iowa's Not A Good State For Young Drivers

Across the river from Illinois, the state of Iowa ranks lower on this list.


Iowa was named the 30th best state for teen drivers or the 21st worst state for teen drivers. Yikes!

The good news about Iowa, it ranks as the 4th  lowest average cost of car repairs. At least its cheaper to fix our cars in Iowa.

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