Governor J.B. Pritzker recently signed a bill extending a certain cocktail law in Illinois.

If there's been a great margarita at a restaurant you've chugged just so you don't have to waste it, there's good news for you in Illinois. According to, Governor Pritzker has signed a bill that extends the state's cocktails-to-go law until August 1st, 2028.

The law came into effect during the pandemic and allows restaurants to "provide carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery of mixed drinks, and single servings of wine for off-premises consumption". So you can get that margarita to go.


The new-ish law is one plus to come out of the pandemic. Don't get too carried away though. The other booze laws in Illinois still apply. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission is quick to remind you:

  • You can't ride with the to go booze in the passenger area of your car (it has to be in the trunk or the backseat)
  • It can only be sold or delivered by an employee that's at least 21
  • It can't be sold or delivered without age verification
  • Third-party delivery services can't deliver cocktails-to-go.
  • It has to be sealed in a tamper-evident container and it has to have a label that features the cocktail's name, what's in it, and that the sealed container was filled less than 7 days before the day of sale.

So there are some stipulations with it but you can get that mimosa to go after brunch. You can get more details about the law at the state's website here.

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