This will make you think twice before getting it on in your car again.

We know our phones are listening to us. They're almost inside our brains at this point, as we can get ads for stuff we've thought about but never uttered or searched. Our phones, Alexas, and electronics in general can all collect information on us.

And apparently, that includes our cars. But what they're getting is kinda creepy.

NBC Chicago unpacked a study by Mozilla Foundation and found that many car companies (84% of them, actually) are spilling the beans on stuff about you.

What They're Hearing


There's some stuff we don't mind people knowing but there are other things that we'd like to keep private (or totally confidential). They're keeping track of everything from your psychological outlook, your religion, your immigration status, and more. These things hide in the companies' privacy policies. The worst 3 brands with the lack of security are Tesla, Nissan, and Hyundai.

But let's talk about Nissan and Kia.

Those two brands are literally collecting data about your sex life.

Nissan words it as "sexual activity", and Kia words it as "sex life" (including sexual orientation).

Other stuff that the cars can sell to third parties include genetic information, medical information, and also stuff that makes sense for the car to know, like what songs you play and how fast you drive. Hopefully that doesn't include how many curbs I've hit.

The car companies use all of these stats to "invent" more data about you to build kind of a profile including intelligence, interests, and abilities.

Illinois Is Trying To Fight It


Illinois State Senator Sue Rezin introduced the Privacy Rights Act in Springfield that targets car companies' collection of customers' info.

Senator Rezin said:

I want to make sure that I have the ability to say no, I don't want you to collect the data, and or delete the data that you have on me. That's my concern. This bill will help give everybody more personal rights when that's when it comes to protecting your data

Meanwhile, just remember your car is probably listening to you and reporting back to Santa Claus.

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