I'm a first time pet owner and need help!  I recently adopted a kitten (pictured below) and though she is inexplicably adorable there are so many things that I am completely lost on.  I've never owned a pet before (besides some fish.) So diving straight in with a kitten might not have been the most well thought out decision. Do I regret it? No.  Do I need help? Yes.


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There are so many things I didn't know about kittens that came as sort of a slap in the face once I brought my kitten home.  For example, kittens have immensely more energy than adult cats.  In my case, my kitten tends to sleep until around 3:00am and then reaps havoc until around 7:00am.  I'm so sleep deprived it's not even funny.  How do I wear her out so that she will sleep through the night?  I know cats are nocturnal but there has to be some way to tucker her out right?

Another thing I didn't really think about was how clumsy and curious kittens are.  She's insisting on sitting on my keyboard as I type this.  She has knocked over plants, almost toppled the Christmas tree, and is obsessed with clothes hanging in the closet.  I know this is part of the process of kittens growing up but exactly how long should I expect this to go on? Is there something that I can do to keep her from being so clumsy?  What would a good distraction be?

How do I be a good pet owner?

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