I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that we just live in the Arctic Tundra now I guess? It doesn't take a meteorology degree to know that it's been a brutal winter, but it helps, particularly when it comes to predicting what fresh awfulness is on the way.

Unfortunately, the experts are anticipating more record-breaking numbers in the coming days. The upside is, they aren't predicting record-breaking snow. No, it's going be potentially record low temperatures...yay.

This isn't the first record we've come up on this winter. Just a few weeks ago, we broke the all-time low temperature in the Quad Cities, a record that was 23 years old. Now, we might break a 126 year record!

According to WQAD, if temperatures stay below 14 degrees this Sunday, we will have a new coldest high temperature for  March 3rd. At this point, should we just be rooting for this to happen? Record celebrations are fun...right?

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