Shoutout to all the people that are sleeping with a fan on, even now. It is freezing in the Quad Cities – literally. I can't imagine having cold air blowing at me all night.

In fact, we've already hit record cold in the QCA. According to KWQC meteorologist Kevin Phelps, today, Tuesday, November 12, 2019 is the earliest date we've ever gotten sub-zero temperatures in the Quad Cities.

With records dating all the way back to 1996, the previous earliest date was December 4, 2005. Clinton seems to have gotten the worst of it today, with temperatures dropping to -7. In Davenport, it only got to -2. (Isn't it sad when we have to put "only" before -2?).

The good news is, the day is warming up! And it's supposed to hold steady in the teens overnight, not factoring in wind chill.

In short, bundle up Quad Citizens! If it's this cold this early, who knows what kind of winter we're in for this year.

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