You may have been drunk in your life, but I bet you've never been wasted enough to identify yourself as a fast food restaurant. That's not the case for Bradley S. Galloway of Galesburg, however.

According to Fox News, Bradley was pulled over last weekend after police were notified of a man driving erratically in a parking lot. When the cops began to question him, Galloway, who was visibly intoxicated, said his name was "Burger King." He then refused medical attention and even used racial slurs on the paramedics that attempted to assist him.

And the story only gets weirder from there.

The Galesburg Register-Mail reports that Galloway also told police that "Donald Trump was going to beat them up," and claimed that a doctor was going to give him a million dollars after he was transferred to an area hospital.

After being discharged from the hospital and transferred back to the jail, he reportedly insisted to the officers that they believed in and worshipped Satan and that they were taking him to "Satan's town."  It may sound like the plot to a bad sitcom, but yes, this actually happened.

Galloway is facing quite a few charges, including DUI, resisting arrest, failing to reduce speed, reckless driving, and operating an uninsured vehicle. Lucky for him, there's no penalty for name calling.

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