I've had the 'grossest' food in Iowa but have never even heard of the one from Illinois.

I've seen a lot of foods make the gross list. I've tried many of them and some, aren't nearly as bad as they sound, look or smell. When you're a Mom, you see all kinds of food combinations. You even see them go into and come back out of your children. Quite frankly, they even look the same.

And then, there are some foods that totally add up to their reputation.

According to FashionBeans.com, there are foods that every state has that are just plain gross. From 'slippery dumplings, gator tail and brain sandwich,' (sound appetizing, right?) to 'Rocky Mountain oysters,' (you know what those are, don't you?) Iowa and Illinois follow suit with these 'grossest,' weird and even down-right disgusting, foods.


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