We may have stumbled across one of the most Iowa Airbnb's ever.

A renovated barn just outside of Ames, IA has been made into an eclectic Airbnb that is really what happens when glamping meets farmhouse.

The Airbnb has 3 beds, 1 bath, and can fit 4 guests. Its listing describes it as a "cabin style with modern comforts" (like fast wifi, a necessity) and is only 10 minutes away from Iowa State.

Now as to why this place is so Iowa: the beds are a literal retro camper and an old-school boat suspended from the ceiling (if you're a tall human, you'll be sleeping in the boat). It is solar-powered (the panels are on the roof of the barn). There are 7 roaming chickens on the property. They have a collection of movies that were either set in Iowa and/or filmed in Iowa. And also the fact that it's a giant red barn.

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The listing has a lot of good ratings on Airbnb. The barn also has a porch and things like air conditioning, heat, clean towels and sheets, and coffee. If you like to play piano (or like to try anyway) there's a piano in the barn too. You can see the farmhouse design reflected in the bathroom and kitchen especially.

Do you think you would like to go on a glamping farmhouse stay this summer? Scroll down to see the pics! And here's the link for the listing on Airbnb if you want more details or to see the availability.

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