You can't silence Midwestern humor.

The feds recently said they don't love the idea of putting jokes or pop culture references in highway signs. They recommend departments avoid putting that stuff in the signs so it's not too distracting. Their new 1,100-page manual (why?) says that the highway signs should be "simple, direct, brief, legible and clear".

There was confusion a few weeks ago that feds were banning the funny signs but now, it's clarified to be a recommendation and Iowa is a hard pass on it.

Business Insider
Business Insider

Here's the thing: we all already know the cold hard rules of the road. Don't text and drive, don't drive high or drunk, don't speed, etc. The funny signs just give drivers a little chuckle while we're on what could be a very long road trip. I've never heard of them being a problem. And the state of Iowa isn't taking the feds' advice on this.

According to KCRG, the Iowa DOT will be keeping the funny signs on Iowa roads.

Willy Sorenson, who helps come up with the messages for the Iowa DOT, says that they're not a threat to safety on the road and they go through a process of reevaluation every 6 months to make sure they're not too wordy. The funny messages don't take priority over important traffic information and to his knowledge, they've never caused a wreck.

Cheers to Iowa for hanging on to some roadway humor. Keep an eye out on your travels for some Midwestern humor on the highways and interstates!

To see some good roadway signs from Iowa and other states, check out this link.

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