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Californians Head To The Polls For Early Voting Ahead Of Super Tuesday
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The November 3 general election is quickly approaching. Some people I've seen on social media are nervous about not only voting in person (thanks COVID) but also because of the length it may take to vote. Fortunately in the Quad Cities, you can vote during work hours because employers are required by law to let you.

First of all, don't forget how important it is to vote. No matter who you are voting for, please, if you can, get out and vote.

While we all have busy schedules and some of us are nervous about long lines on election night, don't forget that in the Quad Cities, you can vote during work. Zippia released a lot of information to let everyone know by state if you can leave work to go vote or not.

According to Zippia, if you live in Iowa or Illinois you can go and vote during work. Now, that doesn't mean you can't just get up out of your seat in the middle of a meeting just go vote. You need to inform your employer before you take off to go vote, but Iowa and Illinois are different in that aspect.

In Illinois, employers have to give you 2 hours to go an vote. Before election day, you will need to give an advance notice within one day of the general election or state election.

In Iowa, Zippia says you have "as much time as will add up to 3 hours, when combined with non-work time." Those wanting to vote during the work day in Iowa, must give their employer a notice in writing prior to the election.

Do you lose pay while going to vote? Among the 29 states that require employers to let employees go and vote, 22 of those states must give paid time off while employees go and vote.

Out of the 50 states, 29 states have laws that require employers to allow employees go and vote during the work day. Out of those 29 states, 22 states require employers to give paid time off while employees go and vote. That means in 22 states, you will get paid while you go an vote and that counts towards your work day.

Both Iowa and Illinois require employers to pay employees while they are out voting.


B100 has so many resources to help you vote in the election on November 3. For polling places in Iowa and Illinois, mail-in voting, absentee voting, and more, click the button below.

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