The label of Iowa Nice is a real thing. Iowa is so nice that it ranks as the number one state that says sorry the most daily. It also has the second most sincere apologies.

Iowa says "sorry" so much, you would think it's part of Canada. Either way, you and I would prefer to live in a state where kindness is more frequent than anger. But are Iowans a little too nice? This new study kind of says so.

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Iowa Is Nice and Apologetic

Apologizing can be a hard thing to do for a lot of people, especially when you feel you aren't in the wrong. But sometimes people say sorry just for slightly being in the way while holding the door open for someone else.

That short conversation starts with an "Ope! Sorry!" and takes place in Iowa 1,000% of the time.

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A new study from Preply shows which states apologies the most and which ones need to say sorry more. To do so, from October 5 to 11, 2023, they surveyed 2,025 Americans about the apologies they give and receive. Iowans were the most apologetic.

Iowa Really Likes To Say Sorry And Mean It

The study found that in its key findings, Iowa ranks #1 for saying ‘sorry’ the most. How often? Around 4.8 per day on average. That means Iowans say 'sorry' as often as they yawn.

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When someone from Iowa apologizes, they mean it too. They don't mean it as much as folks in Pennsylvania, but Iowa ranks #2 for having the most sincere apologies. Sorry for not being #1.

Iowa Nice is a real thing. A little too nice. Unless you're clearly from Illinois or Nebraska then we can't hold back our anger. Sorry.

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