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Marie Fields

Candy corn always seems to be a hot debate when it comes to whether they are good or not. Some people think they taste like wax, some people think the pumpkin version is better, and some just really like candy corn. But what state likes candy corn the most? If you can't tell by the title, I'll tell you shortly. To find out which states love and hate candy corn the most, we turned to our friends at Zippia. To determine this, they looked at google trends to find which states see the most search traffic for candy corn. Zippia looked at the past year, to see how much each state searched for candy corn.

Zippia also looked at some related candy corn searches that include, “candy corn squishmallow”, “candy corn ceramic tree” and “candy corn fudge.” A lot of people also googled “what does it taste like?” and “what are candy corn made of?”

After looking through all of that data, which states love and hate candy corn the most? Here is what Zippia found.

For some reason I feel like this is stereotypical but Iowans love candy corn the most. I'm not sure if it's just because of all the corn Iowans grow or what, but Iowans search candy corn related things the most. Missouri and West Virginia tied for second when it comes to loving candy corn.

Illinois was 21 slots behind Iowa and is the 22nd most loving candy corn state. Illinois tied with Tennessee and Wyoming.

The state that hates candy corn the most is Hawaii. I just highly doubt they get it sent over to them. Probably for the best, honestly.

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