There's no shortage of terrible ideas on TikTok and this is one of the latest in the fitness community.

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but it's not a good idea for a human to eat dog food. However, as Delish explains, one fitness influencer Henry Clarisey posted a stitch that claimed that 200 grams of dog food has 666 grams of protein. #stitch with @kizaru.adm #fyp #fitness #bodybuilding #physique #creatine #gym #dogfood #viral ♬ original sound - Henryfit

Before you scrap your protein bars and switch to puppy chow (the actual puppy chow, not the Midwestern delicacy), you should know that eating dog food is risky.

In a follow-up TikTok, Clarisey tried to munch on a handful of dog food and quickly figured out it's gross and doesn't taste good. He told BuzzFeed News that it was extremely dry and tasted like dirt. No thank you.

Risks Of Eating Dog Food


Eating dog food short term is unlikely to seriously harm humans, according to Healthline. But remember dog food isn't held to the same production standards that human food is.

Animal byproducts are in dog food and while stuff like ground bones, skin, and organs might sound gross to humans, it's not a problem for us to consume if it's been cooked, prepared, and stored correctly.

Vitamin K3 And Nutritional Needs

One big concern is vitamin K3. It can be really toxic to humans in high doses but it can be added into dog food.

Dogs just have different nutritional needs than humans. The nutrition composition of dog food isn't adequate to humans and if you follow this weird trend and eat a bunch of dog food long term, you could develop nutritional deficiencies.

So maybe if you need more protein in your diet, go eat a normal protein bar or some beef jerky.

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