The state of Iowa has some pretty clever digital traffic signs though the Federal Highway Administration isn't laughing.

We've all been on road trips and in multiple states, including Iowa, we'll encounter some funny signs reminding us to slow down, use our blinkers, don't text, don't drive drunk, or otherwise do some sort of commonly-known road safety thing.

This is one in Iowa this holiday season:

I mean, really, which of these two signs would you rather see on the interstate:

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT

And those are only the Christmas-y ones.

Funny roadside signs are nothing new and multiple states put them up. They're often themed around the holidays or season, like these two. But according to the Quad-City Times, the Federal Highway Administration may not like them so much.

The FHA sent a cease-and-desist order to New Jersey, who also has the "Get Your Head Out Of Your Apps"-level funny signs. They're not coming after Iowa at the moment but the organization made it clear that they don't appreciate the funny messages, with research saying that it can have "adverse consequences on driving behavior or motorists who are unable to correctly interpret those messages". So those who don't get the joke or reference. Maybe they would spend the next half-mile trying to figure it out.

They're Funny Though

I personally like the catchy signs. They'll make me double-check my speedometer and verbalize how I feel about the person that didn't use their blinker to cut in front of me. Iowa's program is called Roadside Chat (and you can submit your ideas for funny signs here) and you'll see the signs on the days that have the highest fatality rates: Friday-Sunday. The rest of the time, the signs are the tally of fatalities in the current year.

You can get more details on Iowa's Roadside Chat program at this link.

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