With candy corn, there seems to be two schools of thought: "Yes please!" or "Please no." For me, it's a no. It's just too sugary. But for some, it's a staple of the season. And it's quickly taking over.

It's already been voted Iowa's favorite Halloween candy, and now a brewery in Wisconsin has debuted a new candy corn beer.

According to the brewery's Facebook post, the idea came about simply because they wondered what candy corn would taste like as a drink. (So no, no one really asked for it).

Making the ale was far more complex than just adding some corn pieces to the drink. They actually made their own candy corn from scratch and used beer ingredients in them, then added them to the drink.

It is an admittedly creative concoction. But is it going to be the next pumpkin spice latte? I'm leaning toward maybe not.

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