Smooches in Iowa are said to be on a legal clock but is the law really a thing?

Every state has weird laws, including Iowa. It gets particularly weird in city codes too, like not being able to wink at a lady you don't know, not allowing ice cream vendors, and firefighters having to practice for 15 minutes before actually fighting a fire. Does it make sense? Absolutely not.

Iowa Rules Against The Spicy


Obviously, Iowa has indecent exposure laws. If you're caught doing the deed in public in Iowa, you could pay thousands of dollars (so if you must, be lowkey about it). There's even a rumored law that mustached men cannot kiss a woman in public. And Stupid Laws (and other websites) claim that it's Iowa law that kisses can last no longer than 5 minutes.

Is That A Thing Though?


Snopes looked into it and so did I, and neither of us could find any kind of legal document from the state legislature that backed up that claim. So it's probably safe to say it's not actually a thing. Because how could you enforce that? Just stand there and leer at the drunk couple making out in the back of the bar? If you're the one kissing someone, do you set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes?

Also, you have to come up to breathe every once in a while, so if you want to get nitpicky about it, I seriously doubt a true liplock could even last 5 minutes unless you're making out with an Olympic swimmer.

So kiss away, Iowa. Just don't get too carried away, at least where anyone can see you.

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