A home in Garner, Iowa gained some traction on social media lately because of it's unique interior design.

Available for purchase in Garner is the home at 445 W 5th St. It's a nice home on the outside and the inside layout looks nice too. It's a 3 bed, 2 bath that's 1,646 square feet. It has a spiral staircase, an attic, a 2-car garage, and a shed. So it's a nice home. That's not the reason it appeared in the "Nightmare on Zillow Street" Facebook group.

The reason is that the decor all over the house is about 6 different design styles straight out of the 70's and oof it's a lot to take in. We're talking carpeted bathtubs, a bright yellow sink, red gingham doors, and stained glass paired with weird flourish wall accents.


The house is $99,000 and has definitely seen some history, having been built in 1896.

From the outside, it looks totally normal.


But once we get inside, this is the kind of thing we're looking at. Some intense 70's remodels going on here.


Why are the tub and sink both yellow? Why is there carpet around the bathtub? Why does it look like a bathroom from a fever dream? I do enjoy the idea of a TV in a bathroom though.

The house is an inside fixer-upper and I bet it can be redecorated and redone and would likely make a cute home. But the carpet in the bathroom has gotta go.

Scroll down to see more pictures of this house in Garner!

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