Before we get into road trip season, you may need to check your packing list.

Prepping and packing for a road trip is definitely a process, whether you're going on a family weekend trip or a long weekend with your besties. You have to pack your bags and pack the car.

Chances are, if you're planning to bring something with you on a road trip, you're going to bring it, whether or not you technically should. Illinois is back at it with the random laws and if you do get pulled over on a road trip this year, you could technically get in trouble if you have any of these things on you.

Does that mean you would? No.

Hire A Helper broke down Illinois' laws on what you can and cannot carry into the state and I think I've taken at least one of these things through Illinois, when I had my cat in the car. You might have too, if you were headed to a bonfire.

The United States has obvious laws about what you cannot take out of the country or bring into it (Customs is such fun) but Illinois has some random things you may not know that you can't take into the state.

Would you still throw this stuff in the car? Probably, if you're already planning to. Could you technically get in trouble for any of it? Eh, yes.

Scroll down for a list of what you cannot bring into the state of Illinois!

10 Items You Cannot Legally Bring Into Illinois

Gallery Credit: Canva

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