Back in November, I wrote about a possible referendum asking the public their opinions about legalizing pot that could be put on Illinois' ballots in March. According to Time Out Chicago, the referendum will indeed be a part of the March 20, 2018 election.

Although the measure would not immediately legalize weed, it would give lawmakers some serious clout to push for legalization. A reported 74 percent of Chicagoans are in favor, leading many to believe that the referendum will show the same results.

As most of us are aware, the state of Illinois is facing astronomical debt, and the revenue from taxing pot could be amount to $700 million yearly-hence the reason so many lawmakers are pro-legalization. It could be a real win-win for both marijuana advocates and for the state.

Time Out reminds those in favor of legalization to get out and voice your opinion on the matter at the polls on March 20. It could make all the difference.

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