We can get pulled over for our license plates in a bunch of different situations but this is one I've seen recently and don't let it happen to you.

It's summer and we're all traveling a lot. The last thing we want to prolong a road trip (especially if the allure of one has worn off and the kids are now screeching in the backseat) is getting pulled over.


So you're in Illinois. You get pulled over and the officer walks to your window, you roll it down, and you find out there's a problem with your license plate. What could it be? Your registration is up to date. It's mounted to the back of your car with a frame that isn't too thick and doesn't hide anything. Why would you get pulled over for your plates when they're fine?

A Specific License Plate Rule To Remember

You have to be able to see your tags at night so, according to Illinois lawyour rear bracket has to illuminate your license plate so that it can be seen from at least 50 feet away. This is why the gal I know was pulled over.

Find Law says that if you're ticketed for this, it's generally known as a "fix-it ticket" and you have between five to 30 days to fix the light. If you didn't know it was out, be honest with the officer and tell them that. But it's yet another pre-road trip thing you need to check before you head out this summer.

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