Our local music scene is soon to receive a huge boost! QC-based recording studio Daytrotter is commemorating its 10th anniversary with a massive three-day music festival, Daytrotter Downs, this upcoming February.

The name pays homage to the Quad City Downs horse-racing track, as well as promotes a "gathering of the next thoroughbreds" in music.

"If people want to see the next Sam Smith, they should probably come to our festival," Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller told the Quad City Times.

The three-day festival will kick off February 18th at the Adler Theatre, with additional performances taking place at the Village Theatre in East Davenport as well as Daytrotter's headquarters inside downtown Davenport's Renwick Building.


Daytrotter Downs will include 25-30 buzzy, emerging indie bands, although the official lineup has yet to be announced. Three-day passes are on sale for $64, with single-day tickets going on sale for $30 during the festival. [Paste]

Sounds great! Check back for more artist info. Get more about Daytrotter Downs here and here.

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