One pothole in Iowa really does belong on the surface of the Moon.

It feels like all of January was an "arctic blast" and the days just ran together in a month-long ick. Temperatures in the negatives, all kinds of snow and ice, slippy and slidey roads, none of it was fun. But we're getting ready to finally wrap the month up and now we're stuck with the remnants: potholes.


You've undoubtedly had to play 'dodge the pothole' while you're out driving around. I've noticed Davenport has filled some of the worst potholes, but you still have to be very vigilant so you don't totally knock the air out of your poor tires.

But according to WHO13, there's one pothole in Iowa that's pretty much achieved legendary status.

The Pricey, Problematic Pothole

Thanks to one pothole on East 33rd Street in Des Moines (near Grandview Park School), about 15 cars ended up with flat or damaged tires on Friday. That one was patched up pretty quickly, but right down the road from it is this similar crater:


You can't even swerve to avoid ones like that, it takes up most of the lane!

For one couple, damage from the pothole cost them $3,600 on their car. The City of Des Moines patched the big one up on Saturday and said they're working to get potholes filled in and get "trucks out of snowplow mode and into patching mode".

It's a very Iowa problem now that the snow and ice is going away. Drive careful and if you can't avoid a pothole, all you can do is slow down and have hope.

If you need to report a pothole in Davenport, find out how to here.

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