How's your car doing? Not too good, eh? No one's is. The potholes in Davenport and throughout the Quad Cities are destroying cars faster than the holes can be filled.

Speaking of filling your holes (potholes that is), we all know about the massive potholes swallowing cars on the main roads. They know Locust, Fairmont, Rockingham, and all of downtown Davenport look like the surface of the moon. But so does the City of Davenport.


Your holes that need to be filled that the city doesn't know about are the ones on side streets, dead ends, and less-traveled roads. Those are the ones you can report to your local city government.

How To Report Potholes To Davenport

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The Davenport Public Works department isn't oblivious to potholes popping up throughout the city. They actually want you to tell them where they are.

In a social media post, Davenport Public Works took to social media and gave simple instructions to let Davenport residents know how to report potholes.

If you have one on your street or you're tired of hitting each one behind the Walgreens on Brady Street or in front of the fairgrounds on Locust, call Davenport Public Works at 563-326-7923.

If you have time to snap a photo because it's continuing to grow outside your home, you can submit a service request on the City of Davenport's website. It's super easy and you can do it anonymously.

Can't It Be Too Cold To Fill the Pothole?


Yes, but the City of Davenport has a way around that called cold patching. Cold patching potholes is only performed during the winter when temperatures are normally below 32°. They are unable to produce asphalt when temperatures are below freezing. Cold patching is not the best application for potholes because it is not durable, but the only choice when proper repair can’t be performed.

Typically, the City of Davenport will repair it with a hot patch. That happens in the spring, summer, and fall months when it's above 32°.

What If I Don't Live In Davenport?

Yes, we know there is more than just Davenport. If you live in one of the imporant towns (sorry, Eldridge), we have links for you to report your deep holes below:

You're welcome for all of the hole jokes by the way.

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