If there is one thing we are sure to focus on here at B100, it is to give back to the community. Especially those who support B100. Our clients play a big role in helping us to give back. MetroPCS went above and beyond to help with our community goals! Over the past 2 weeks, MetroPCS and B100 handed out over 400 back packs filled with school supplies to locals in Moline and Davenport. We did this between the house of 11AM-1PM over the past 2 Saturdays. After talking to the execs of MetroPCS we understand why they care so much.

A metroPCS regional employee said,
"Most of our customers live within a close proximity of our stores. Either way, this is our way of giving back to those who support us and those who live in the areas around our stores."

This is a great message from a great company. It was an honor to work with them and give back to the community right on time for back to school.

Here are the photos from the past 2 weekends...


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