With drive In attendance at an all time high for some places, it's great to see how long some of them have been around. For The Midway Drive in they now get to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

Owner, Mike Kerz satated

"Drive Ins are an asset to the community and they have the largest screens of any theater."

Drive Ins do offer a good alternative to sitting next to people in a theater. Sitting in your car or at a safe distance outside follows all CDC guide lines, plus they are still limiting how many cars they can house at each showing.

I went to my first drive in a few weeks ago, and fell in love with them. It's great to see them doing well, and even thriving at this time. Most drive Ins are playing classic movies, and those classic movies have gone over well with audiences. Kerz went on to say,

"So we had been planning on showing classic movies anyway so since we opened in May we have been showing classic movies such as Greece, and ET, Back To The Future, and Jaws.”

Kerz also said that the Coronavirus Pandemic has slowly allowed residents to rediscover drive in theaters. According to OurQuadCities.com the drive in is operating at 50% which still allows 250 cars in.

Will you be going to a drive in anytime soon? I can't wait to go back! For more information about Midway Drive in you can go here. 

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