Stars – they really are just like us. They walk their dog, they have bad hair days, they even go to Target. That's how I met a member of Fifth Harmony! At least, I think it was her.

Earlier this week, our midday man Wes posed a question on B100's Facebook: Who is the most famous person you've ever met? Wes himself has had some pretty sweet interactions: Brian Urlacher, KISS and more.

For me, that would be Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony. It was a short interaction – I told her the hat she was checking out looked cute on her (and it really did. Sadly, I don't think she bought it).

The truly sad part is, I didn't realize it was her right away. Her crew kept calling her Sarah, and we didn't actually talk face to face. So, since I'm afraid of actually posting on Craig's List, this is my missed connection listing.

Lauren, if that was you at Target in Chicago before Jingle Bash 2017, it was a pleasure and you ladies put on a great show. If it was actually Sarah – girl, has anyone told you you look like Lauren Jauregui?

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