Unless you live under a literal Davenport rock, you know that it rained its ears off last night and with more rain in the forecast, of course it's bound to affect the river.

The river isn't expected to hit flood stage but it's still going to affect your commute. The action stage (13.5 ft.) that it's headed into will affect some low-lying spots like South Concord Street (and the areas around it) south of River Drive in Davenport. Also by this level, there will be issues on the Enchanted Island causeway.

Here's where we're sitting on the river level as of 11:30 on Thursday morning:


The National Weather Service says that there will be high water coming downstream and will bump up the QC's river level by more than a foot within the next few days. *Cue Davenport alert text*

We're expected to hit the Action Stage and crest at the 13.5 ft. on Saturday afternoon. The good news is that after today and tonight, it looks like we'll be done with the rain until Wednesday.

So if you're going on the river: if you planning on boating the MS River this Memorial Day weekend, you'll definitely want to be careful (as you should be anyway, that river is super strong) since higher water means stronger currents. The Quad City Channel Cat is also expected to begin service for the season this weekend.

You can keep up with the latest reports on the river from the NWS at Rock Island here.

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