You still have a chance to (maybe) get your way on Santa's Nice List this year.

If you're already getting the halls decked, stockings hung by the chimney with care (or Command strips), you're in the early days of Christmas Spirit 2023. The good news for you is that Moline Public Works is with you. You have plenty of time for yourself (and maybe your kids) to write out and mail off Letters To Santa.


You can now stop by Moline Public Works building (which is at 3635 4th Avenue) and drop off your family's letters to Santa! It's a pretty easy mailbox to spot. It looks like this:

That may be the most festive mailbox I've ever seen.

Santa's Moline mailbox is now open and will be accepting letters through Thursday, November 30th. You don't need to put postage or a stamp on it but you will need to include a return address. Santa's Moline-based elves are going to check the mailbox daily (except on weekends) and make sure that the letters make it to Santa in the North Pole in time for Christmas.

Kids do not have to live in Moline to participate, kiddos from all over are welcome!

Santa will read and respond to each letter individually so make sure that the letter (especially the names and return address) is legible. He will mail out his individual responses to letters starting December 4th.

So you (and/or your kids) still have one more shot at making the Nice List this year if you can get a letter to Santa on time!

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